Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Each year an estimated 800,000 people – largely women and children – fall victim to international traffickers. These innocent victims are forced into unpaid labor, debt bondage, coerced prostitution or sexual servitude. The trafficking of human beings is the second largest source of profit for international criminals. Available statistics show that there are over 20 thousand Nigerian young girls, as well as many from Eastern Europe in forced prostitution on the streets of Italy alone. Our Congregation has responded to this need working to alleviate the horrible effect of this dehumanizing practice and helping to reintegrate the victims into the society. We do this through the following:

Road Ministry

We go to meet the girls at their “place of work” on the lonely roads and streets, pray with them, share the Word of God with them, and listen to their tale of woes. The aim is to try to encourage them to live the road and join the rehabilitation program.

House of Welcoming

We run a house of welcoming where those girls who wish to renounce prostitution and join the rehabilitation are assisted to receive proper documents that will make them eligible to live and do meaningful work in Italy. The program is residential and of 18 months session.

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Ministry to Immigrants

Because Castel Volturno has a large population of immigrants, most of them undocumented, from Africa and Eastern Europe, we collaborate with the Combonian priests in pastoral ministry to immigrants. Castel Volturno has an immigrant parish called Chiesa Santa Maria dell’ Aiuto run by the Combonian Priests. Here we serve both the oppressed (young men and women lured into prostitution and drug trade) and oppressor (the pimps and drug lords).