“In Jesus we are one.”

Founded at the wake of the Nigerian civil war to be a sign of love, unity and forgiveness in a broken and divided world, our Founders intention is that we show through our lives in community that it is possible for people to come from different tribes and be able to live harmoniously together. As consecrated African women, we strive to integrate into our life all that is good, true and beautiful in our culture. We value our deep relationship with God through community and individual prayer inspired by our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through our life in community, we support each other in our various ministries and celebrate our giftedness. We believe in respect for others and ourselves and therefore strive to treat all people with dignity and respect regardless of religion, class, tribe or culture, making our communities / houses places of hospitality where all can feel accepted.

OUR CHARISM calls us to experience and make all people aware of the redemptive love of Christ that binds us together as members of the one family of God and enhance the realization of Jesus’ prayer “That they may be one”. THE MOTTO of our Congregation is “UT UNUM SINT”. (Jn. 17:21). Marked by our sacrificial love and Christian humility and inspired by our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we respond to the needs of the Church as they come up and wherever they occur. We participate actively, especially in our local situations, working to eliminate the root causes of poverty, to empower our womenfolk, and work for the realization of peace, justice, love, and the unity of all God’s creation.


The inspiration for our ardent and outgoing love is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his Church. Marked by our sacrificial love and Christian humility, we pattern our hearts on the meek and humble heart of Christ. We take the Sacred Heart of Jesus as our model, making every effort to deepen in our lives the charity which Christ shows in the gospels. For us the Sacred Heart of Jesus has a special intensity. Linked with our dedication to the Heart of Christ, we become women of peace and reconciliation among our people.

Christ laid his life for us. In response we dedicate our lives to this redemptive love of the Sacred Heart and labor to evoke response of faith and hope, love and service in other everyone we encounter. In grateful and loving response, we make the Eucharist central to our spiritual life. Nourished and invigorated by the Eucharist, we go out to be a sign of God’s love and concern for humankind.